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How GP Hero Ensures Privacy and Security to Keep Your Data Safe

How GP Hero Ensures Privacy and Security to Keep Your Data Safe

Thinking about using GP Hero to streamline your general practice with an overseas team? Privacy and security are top concerns, and rightfully so! GP Hero takes these concerns seriously and implements a robust system of checks and balances to keep your patient data safe. Here’s how:

Strong Partnerships: GP Hero partners with experienced firms (over 10 years!) specializing in hiring qualified offshore staff specifically for General Practice needs. This ensures a deep understanding of your industry’s specific requirements.

Legally Binding Agreements: GP Hero has legal agreements in place, vetted by professionals, to ensure compliance with strict Australian Privacy Laws.

Rigorous Security Measures
  • Vetting: Every GP Hero team member goes through a thorough vetting process, just like your onsite staff.
  • Dedicated Equipment: Each team member works from a dedicated computer with secure passwords and restricted access.
  • Secure Connection: A secure VPN connection is established with your clinic’s IT provider. This allows GP Hero staff to access your practice management software (PMS) through a dedicated IP address with robust 3-factor authentication.
  • Data Protection: Patient data never leaves your PMS. It is not downloaded, saved, or shared with anyone outside the authorized GP Hero team member handling your practice.
  • Physical Security: GP Hero offices have 24/7 on-site security, and each sub-office is accessible only to the 6-12 team members working there.
Meeting Australian Standards

GP Hero goes beyond basic security to meet and exceed the high standards set by Australian accrediting and insurance bodies:

  • Comprehensive Training: GP Heroes undergo rigorous training in relevant software and specific tasks to ensure speed and accuracy.
  • Legal Expertise: As mentioned, legal agreements ensure compliance with Australian Privacy Laws.
  • Strict Protocols: GP Hero adheres to strict privacy and security protocols, including data protection measures and secure equipment access.
  • Experienced Partners: Remember those experienced partners we mentioned earlier? They come into play again, ensuring a deep understanding of compliance requirements.
  • Insurance Coverage: GP Hero carries practice indemnity insurance covering all team members, both onshore and offshore.
  • Working with Insurance Providers: GP Hero is actively collaborating with major insurance providers to streamline the process of adding them to your existing professional indemnity insurance.
Data Breach Liability

In the unfortunate event of a data breach, GP Hero takes full responsibility. They hold comprehensive insurance policies with Marsh to cover any related liability:

  • Professional Indemnity ($5 million)
  • Medical Indemnity ($5 million)
  • Cyber Security ($5 million)

While GP Hero holds its own insurance, we recommend adding them to your existing professional indemnity policy for additional peace of mind.

GP Hero prioritizes patient data privacy and security. Their multi-layered approach, combined with experienced partners and robust insurance coverage, offers a secure and reliable service for general practices in Australia.

Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and discover how a GP Hero can help your clinic thrive.

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