We exist to lighten the load for Aussie General Practices

We believe that General Practice is the beating heart of healthcare in Australia and yet it continues to be denied the appropriate support. We’re here to change that!

What we solve

A decades-long freeze on medicare coupled with rising inflation costs means the business of general practice has never been tougher, with a seemingly endless supply of villains out there intent on making life more difficult.

Our goal is to lighten the load on General Practice owners and their teams by hiring, training and managing professional off site administrators and receptionists. With additional support you can get back to offering the kind of service you want to be known for in your communities.

As a leadership team we have the experience and skill set required to deliver on our goal. As recognised expert medical practice consultants we have a proven track record working with general practice owners who want to get their lives back through business excellence.

Dr Sachin Patel, Dr Todd Cameron and our integration specialist Sarah Boorman collectively have over 45 years of experience in General Practice and know how to harness the power of off site teams to deliver on your goals.

Kody Thompson and Dale Beaumont have built multiple seven and eight figure businesses and have collectively hired over 350 staff in the Philippines to help them scale these ventures. In 2014 Kody established his first facility in the Philippines which has grown to be a well known brand locally. Since then their footprint has expanded to include two facilities housing over 300 staff and is the preferred on-the-job training facilities for the top local universities in Dumaguete.

Where have all the heroes gone?

Covid has caused the world much pain since it first blazed a path through our lives in early 2020. General Practice as an industry has undergone more change in the last 2 years than in the last couple of decades combined. 

Some of these changes have created amazing opportunities; telehealth for example offers improved patient convenience and access to healthcare. The problem is that the systems that should integrate these changes smoothly into the daily workflow of a practice have yet to catch up. 

Things that were once simple pre-covid are not so simple anymore; getting documents securely from A from B and collecting on private payments for telehealth consults depending on your online booking provider are some such examples. 

Our healthcare system has become increasingly difficult to navigate. Covid safe protocols leave patients unsure where or how to access the appropriate care. Ever changing public health mandates and a complete lack of public health messaging give rise to floods of phone calls that can swamp practices overnight. 

What is the net result of all this change?

Our People are Tired. Because change is tiring and the pace of change over the last few years has been relentless and people are starting to realise this is just the new normal. 

We see practices that are struggling with high staff turnover that is leaving existing staff exhausted from dealing with double the workload and often trying to train new staff at the same time. 

Tenured employees are starting to feel demotivated and disconnected from their purpose and the contribution of their role, stuck playing an un-winnable game.

GP Off-site Administrator Outsourcing

Enter the heroes.

Here’s what we learnt about heroes in the pandemic. They don’t wear capes. They don’t wear spandex or their undies on the outside of their pants. They are regular people who turn up everyday and find nobility in simply doing the work. Without complaint and with a glad heart. Those are the heroes we need right now.

Those are the heroes our people and our communities need right now.

If you look you will find a heap of tasks our heroes can do that will reduce the overwhelm on your onsite team.

Removing as much of the burden from your onsite team as possible allows them to get back in their genius zones and reconnect to the purpose in their work.

I bet if you were to ask one of your admin team when was the last time they felt they had enough time to spend helping someone? To give them enough of their time, energy and focus so the person felt seen and heard? I bet it’s been a long, long time. I bet they want to get back to offering that level of care and service.

Take a look at the ultimate task guide to discover all the different ways you can lighten the load on your onsite team.

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