At GP HERO you get the support to grow your team well.

With GP HERO you can achieve exponential results by benefiting from the combined experience we’ve gathered from helping hundreds of other GP clinics to grow more profitable and efficient practices.

Exceptional ongoing support

We know hiring staff overseas can be overwhelming, particularly if it is the first time you have explored using remote team members. But when you work with GP HERO we help you from hiring and training through to managing the day-to-day performance of your new team member.

Our dedicated Integration Specialist, Sarah Boorman has over 16 years experience in the healthcare industry and will show you the strategies you need to integrate your new team member into the life of your clinic smoothly.

We track performance

Once your hero is integrated in to the life of your clinic we help ensure your new team-member is being well utilized by tracking their daily performance against the targets you set with us.

Then, if performance is not where it should be, we can be proactive in helping to provide the training, or systems needed to get the heroes results where they need to be.

Here’s an example of the results one of our clinic has been experiencing with their hero.

GP Off-site Staff Management & Support
GP Off-site Staff Management & Support

In Addition…

We bring a huge amount of expertise to the table. With our combined experience growing our own companies, and the knowledge we have gathered from working with hundreds of other Aussie clinics we know how to help you grow a more successful clinic.

When you work with us we can help provide the frameworks and systems you need to save up to 70% of your reception and admin costs whilst offering a better level of patient support than you do right now.

If you’re ready to get started, reach out today.

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GP Admin Staff Outsourcing in Australia

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Get a hero who is dedicated to details and trained to tackle the daily tasks in your clinic with ease!