Data security higher than Australian standards

We understand that public perception can be that utilizing overseas staff is a higher risk – but if done well, it is not. We are committed to being not just “as-safe” as local facilities, but far safer.

Are you concerned about data security issues with outsourced staff?

Let’s be honest, poor data security is one of the reasons why many options for outsourcing staff overseas can’t be considered. They don’t meet Australian privacy standards.

We don’t just meet Australian Standards - we far exceed.

We take security very seriously at GPHERO. Protecting your data is our mission. To that end we follow today’s security best practices for clinics, including the following:

No patient data is ever saved or moved from your Practice Management Software (PMS)

Your GPHERO accesses your PMS from a dedicated IP address and utilizes 3-factor authentication security measures.

They work from their own dedicated and password protected computer.

All passwords for our computers force secure passwords and CD drives, flash drives, and bluetooth capabilities are removed.

Your GPHERO works full time for your clinic and does not share clinic IP or patient information to colleagues or to other clinics

All computers use up to date software programs and anti-virus software.

Third Party Authentication tools are required to remote access local computers.

24 hr on-site security guards are present at the GPHERO offices.

Each GPHERO sub-office is locked to the 6-12 team members in that space.

Our security policies

Email Policy

A PDF document containing details for the policy.

We cover all Liability for data protection

We’re so confident in our security measures that we cover all liability for data protection. We hold insurance policies through MARSH insurance including Cyber Security, Professional indemnity and Medical Malpractice. If you would like to see a copy of the policy details please feel free to contact us.

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GP Admin Staff Outsourcing in Australia

Oursource with a team that is dedicated to privacy

Don’t risk your clinic or patient data outsourcing with contractors or suppliers that don’t meet Aussie standards. Chat with us today!