We solve admin staff shortage for Aussie General Practices

At GP HERO, we lighten the load on General Practice owners and their teams by hiring, training and managing professional off site receptionists and administrators.

GP Admin Staff Outsourcing in Australia

Welcome GP Clinic Owners & Managers

Is your clinic drowning in endless admin tasks and phone calls?

Finding quality admin and reception staff in Australia is becoming increasingly difficult due to the biggest skills shortage in living memory.

And, once you finally complete the recruitment process the challenges continue with starting salaries now as high as $80K in capital cities and many clinics reporting an average turnover on reception staff as low as 6 months!

Since it is extremely hard to find extra staff at short notice, remaining staff are often reaching burnout, overwhelmed by an avalanche of endless tasks, and at risk of calling it quits themselves.

Daily tasks slip by the wayside, and many clinic owners and managers are left feeling like they are on a never ending cycle of hiring and training new people and never on top of all the things that need to get done in the clinic.

Surely there has to be a better way… (and there is!)

GP Admin Staff Outsourcing in Australia

Outsourcing Safely

Get more stuff done without risking privacy.

We understand that public perception can be that utilising overseas staff is a higher risk to your clinic and patients privacy – but managed well, this does not have to be the case. At GP HERO our privacy and security standards are not just “as-safe” as local facilities, but far safer. We exceed all the Australian standards set by accrediting and insurance bodies and we are so confident in our services that GP HERO Australia covers all liability in the unlikely event of a data breach so that you can have complete peace of mind.

Roles We Place

Our team of medical professionals are trained on running efficient clinics

Our recruitment, training and monitoring frameworks ensure that you get outstanding staff that will increase the productivity of your practice. Choose the role of your new Clinic-Super-Hero!

GP Admin Staff Outsourcing in Australia
Admin Support
AKA The "Robin" Role

The behind-the-scenes HERO your clinic needs to help you tackle your backend administration tasks including allocating scanned documents, emptying email inboxes, performing bulk health identifier lookups, checking patient eligibility, medical history transfer requests, setting up team meetings, preparing and circulating meeting agendas and minutes, plus a whole lot more.

GP Admin Staff Outsourcing in Australia
Appointment Book Manager
AKA The "Star Lord" Role

Your appointment book will run smoothly with your chosen HERO taking on tasks such as; confirming appointments, following up non-responders, identifying and booking patients for follow up, allocating rooms and personnel for upcoming appointments, managing appointments in HotDoc, running database searches for new opportunities and so much more.

GP Admin Staff Outsourcing in Australia
Inbound Phone Calls
AKA The "Wonder Woman" Role

Alleviate the pressure of endless inbound phone calls with a well trained, friendly and capable phone receptionist. Your chosen HERO can; answer the phone with your clinic greeting, get a brief of the patient’s problem, set the correct appointment type with the correct GP at the right date and time, advise of payment for the appointment type set and a whole lot more.

Want a list of all the tasks they can do?

The Ultimate “Offsite” Staff Task List

138 Tasks That General Practices Can Outsource For Higher Productivity

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Kody Thompson

Free 45 Minute Video Training With Kody Thompson

How Savvy Practices Get a Year’s Worth of Work Done in a Month

What separates thriving practices from those in the endless loop of admin struggle? In this presentation you will learn how you can build a highly effect admin team that completes more work, in less time – so that you can reach more patients.

5 Ways to Improve Admin Tasks Management

Management Mistakes and How to Eliminate Them

Empowering Your Team Instead of Replacing Them

2 Week Intensive Training and Continued Assistance

Case Study and Feedbacks from Existing Clients

Why Our Security Measures Exceed Aussie Standards

Data Liability and Insurances that are Covered

How Your Filipino Staff is Looked After

138 Tasks Your GP Hero Can Do for You

What the Company Provides for You When You Get Started

Set-up Fee & Monthly Costs with Their Inclusions

How Savvy Practices Get a Year’s Worth of Work Done in a Month

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Client Stories

Join leading Australian GP’s in building
stronger more scalable clinics

Keeping You Resourced

We’ll find, train and manage the talent for you.

At GPHERO, we’ll do all the work finding and managing your new admin team member. The talent we source is exceptional with outstanding qualifications and experience. Our comprehensive training framework allows you to decrease the amount of time you spend training them and, we track and report their performance for you so that they get more work done in less time. Plus, if we ever need to hire additional team members, or replace those that have moved on, we’ll got you covered there as well!

GP Admin Staff Outsourcing in Australia

Why You Must Be Outsourcing

Here’s six reasons your clinic should be Outsourcing with GPHERO

It doesn’t detract from Aussie jobs – it empowers them!

Some people will say that outsourcing costs Aussie jobs. It doesn’t. When your local team gets to focus on more engaging tasks and are no longer burdened by a constant barrage of admin tasks they will be far happier (and stay longer!)

It will drastically improve your operational efficiency

Your GPHERO will tackle with ease many of the daily tasks that are required to run a successful clinic. They will ensure “urgent issues” don’t affect important tasks or stop them from being done. Plus, they’ll help you turn your ideas into action faster.

It will save you up to 70% on admin staffing costs

Your GPHERO will typically save up to 70% on the cost of a full time receptionist or admin team member in comparison to hiring an Australian recruit. This will help you retain your local staff by taking low value tasks off their shoulders.

We are fully insured and cover all privacy liabilities

We hold insurance policies through MARSH insurance including Cyber Security, Professional indemnity and Medical Malpractice. If you would like to see a copy of the policy details please feel free to contact us.

We provide all the training and frameworks for performance

Our training is tailored for your clinic, delivered in person and we have a huge library with 516 Training Videos. We also offer elite ongoing support including access to analytical software which measures the KPIs of every staff member.

We recruit, train and manage the talent so you don’t have to

Imagine how much more you could do to develop and grow your practice if you could be relieved of the burden of major staffing issues. GPHERO specialises in staff outsourcing so we can help you get back to what you really want to be doing.

Helpful Resources

Grow Your Clinic Faster

Looking for some resources that you can implement in your clinic right away? Use the cards below to access some of the frameworks we use in clinics to win back their time and increase their operational efficiency and profitability.

Staff Onboarding Checklist

Get access to our 30 step onboarding process (including email templates) and improve the likelihood of a positive onboarding experience and speedier road to meeting role requirements.

Staff Onboarding Checklist

Access our 30 step onboarding process (including email templates)

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Flowchart & Email Templates

Managing Incoming Emails

Get access to best-in-breed systems for managing incoming email correspondence including the flowcharts and canned responses tried and tested by Aussie clinics.

Managing Incoming Emails

Access our best-in-breed systems for managing incoming email correspondence.

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Flowchart & Video

Booking Patient Appointments

Get instant access to the flowchart and step-by-step explainer video, walking through our best-in-breed system for booking patient appointments with accuracy.

Booking Patient Appointments

Access the flowchart and step-by-step explainer video.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions regarding
outsourcing for General Practices

Setup Fees

The GP HERO Service starts with the payment of your Set-Up Fee, which is currently AUD$2,250+gst. This fee covers all associated recruitment costs such as; advertising the position, background checks, interview recording, final selection, letter of offer, welcome pack, worker uniform and two weeks of GP HERO training. This fee must be paid in full, the moment you finalise your selection from our shortlisted GP HERO.

Ongoing Service Fee

Once you have selected your GP HERO and the balance of your Set-Up Fee is paid, you will then be required to cover the Ongoing Service Fee of AUD$2,250+gst per month for a minimum of 12 full months. This is to cover all ongoing costs such as; office rental, computer maintenance, IT support, HR support, worker salary, and worker health and social security benefits.

In short, it won’t. GP HERO far exceeds all security and privacy standards recommended by Australian accreditation and insurance bodies. Plus, in the unlikely event of  a data breach we assume all legal liability. We also hold the maximum coverage for cyber security, medical malpractice and professional indemnity through MARSH Insurance group.

No, we cover all staff payroll, benefits and HR responsibilities. We also ensure all our staff are very well looked after and offer a number of benefits that exceed other local Filipino companies. For more information visit our talent page.

All payments are taken via credit card through Stripe, our third party secure payment provider and no other payment methods are available. Purchase notifications are supplied automatically via Stripe and tax receipts are supplied upon request: [email protected]. If you wish to update your credit card details with us please use the online form found at www.gphero.com.au/update-card.

During your initial 12 month period, if you choose to cancel your contract with GPHERO, you will be required to pay an early exit fee of AUD$7,560+gst to cover all staff termination and office rental fees. Applications for early exit must be made in writing to [email protected] and fees are payable to GP Hero Pty Ltd within 7 days.

We take security very seriously at GPHERO. We don’t just meet Australian Standards – we far exceed. Protecting your data is our mission and to that end we follow today’s security best practices for clinics. For more information visit our security page.

We do everything possible to ensure that you and your patients data is kept safe (visit our security page for details), however, in the unlikely event of a data breach we cover all Liability through our Australian company GP HERO Pty Ltd. We hold insurance policies through MARSH insurance including Cyber Security, Professional indemnity and Medical Malpractice. If you would like to see a copy of the policy details please feel free to contact us.

GP Hero Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company. We are therefore bound by all Australian legal and business codes and practices and we pay our taxes in Australia. This is the entity to which you engage with commercially.

We also have a Filipino subsidiary for the purposes of hiring talent in the Phillipines properly managing all local HR requirements such as retirement benefits, healthcare coverage and the like.

We have a management team based here in Australia, with representatives in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Our production office, and the location your new GP HERO will be working from, is located in Dumaguete, Philippines. Our office is beautiful, COVID compliant, and an amazing environment for our employees to work from. Take a look for yourself on our facilities page.

Yes, we are passionate about the welfare of our Heroes. We offer competitive salaries with extra benefits and pay for their health care, cover their tax requirements and their retirement benefits. We provide a modern and professional work environment with monthly social events. We give them access to extensive training, and always seek to support each Hero in pursuing their career goals.

The Ultimate “Offsite” Staff Task List

138 Tasks That General Practices Can Outsource For Higher Productivity

The Ultimate “Offsite” Staff Task List

138 Tasks That General Practices Can Outsource For Higher Productivity

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GP Admin Staff Outsourcing in Australia

Solve your admin staff shortages for good

Get a hero who is dedicated to details and trained to tackle the daily tasks in your clinic with ease!