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GP HERO offers highly trained admin staff often with background experience greater than the typical Australian recruit applying for reception and admin roles in our clinics.

When training staff is a constant drain

With the average turnover on reception staff as low as 6 months, many owners and managers of GP Practices are finding that they just don’t have time to train their new recruits in a way which ensures their clinics are running at peak performance levels.

What if we could help you break this cycle forever?

Our training ensures your new team members…

Understands Australian culture and language requirements

Is fully trained in Australian privacy responsibilities and has HIPAA Certification

Understands the role of a General Practice and how they fit into running a productive clinic

Recognises what Health Identifiers are

Is competent in the processes of Medicare and Medicare Billing

Has the admin and soft skills necessary to excel in the performance of their new role

Is highly competent with GP software’s such as Best Practice and Medical Director

Has the necessary productivity software skills, including Hot Doc, Health Engine and Kubico

GP Off Site Staff Training Australia

Our training starts with a two week intensive

Once we find a quality candidate we run them through a two week training intensive we call The Hero’s Journey. The Hero’s Journey is an in-person training program led by our dedicated trainers that include in depth training on the tasks, software programs and soft skills needed to excel in the field of clinic administration. Take a look at our current training program below…

Exceptional ongoing support

Then once the two week training is finished, we offer two hours of professional development per month for every hero.

We also offer access to The Hero Academy, a resource for the ongoing Personal Professional Development of your GPHERO. This includes 517 professionally created training videos around many of the world’s top tech tools for running a successful clinic. The goal of this training centre is to supplement any training that you are doing internally within your organisation and to help ensure the continued development of your new GPHERO. Take a look at what’s included in our training library…

GP Off Site Staff Training Australia

We offer a training framework to save you time and money!

Yes that’s right, we have a huge training library which covers everything from marketing, to productivity tools including topics like, how to edit a website or post on Facebook pages.

No ‘one size fits all’ approach. Our in-person trainer will tailor a training program based on the needs of your clinic, the current performance of your GPHERO and the feedback you provide on their output.

We also support your Aussie team

As well as providing training for the Filipino team member it’s crucial that you and your team have the proper frameworks and systems to delegate and track the tasks assigned to your GPHERO. That’s why we also make it our mission to:

Train your staff on how to work with distributed team members

Provide documented operating systems that can be plugged into your current clinic systems

Offer assistance setting up task management tools and software that will ensure all your assigned tasks are properly tracked

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