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GP HERO will source quality staff for you. Our heroes aren’t just more affordable than your average Australian receptionist, they are also more experienced. Let us help you overcome the skills shortage and grow your clinic without less stress.

The struggle to find and keep quality staff

Finding quality admin and reception staff in Australia is becoming increasingly difficult due to the biggest skills shortage in living memory.

And, once you finally complete the recruitment process the challenges continue with starting salaries now as high as $80K in Capital Cities and many clinics reporting an average turnover on reception staff as low as 6 months!

Since it is extremely hard to find extra staff at short notice, remaining staff are often reaching burnout, overwhelmed by an avalanche of endless tasks, and at risk of calling it quits themselves. 

Daily tasks slip by the wayside, and many clinic owners and managers are left feeling like they are on a never ending cycle of hiring and training new people and never feeling like they are on top of all the little things that need to get done in the clinic.

There has to be a better way…

…and there is. Enter GP HERO!

GP Receptionist Outsourcing Australia

We can find you a GPHERO that can:

Tackle with ease many of the daily tasks that are required to run a successful clinic

Ensure “urgent issues” don’t affect important tasks or stop them from being done

Save up to 70% on the cost of a full time receptionist or admin team member

Help you retain your local staff by taking low value tasks off their shoulders

Help you turn your ideas for business improvement into action faster, and

Ultimately, buy time back for you and your local team to provide a higher level of customer service – even during busy periods

And the talent we will find for you is impressive.

Our heroes aren’t just more affordable than your average Australian receptionist, they are also more experienced. Many of the people we place in clinics hold medical degrees such as nurses or pharmacists, and with our extensive training and onboarding processes, your new team members will hit their stride faster.

Don’t believe us?

Take a look at some of the recent candidates we have placed with other Aussie clinics…

We look after our people

Yes, the wage costs in the Philippines are lower, but we believe that distributed team members deserve all the perks of working for a world-class company.

That’s why when we hire staff in the Philippines:

We offer competitive salaries with extra benefits

We pay for their health care, cover their tax requirements and their retirement benefits.

We provide a modern and professional work environment with monthly social events.

We give them access to extensive training

Plus, we give them the opportunity to work with incredible Aussie clinics like yours, where they can drive their career forward at a rapid rate

GP Receptionist Outsourcing Australia

In short, when you work with us you’re a part of changing lives.

Together we can create a winning culture for our talented heroes and provide them with a career pathway that is unmatched in the Philippines.

Many of the people we hire have aspirations of moving internationally to pursue their careers in healthcare. Working with you and your clinic gives them the experience that will help them achieve their goal.

So, without further ado… are you ready to meet your talented new team member?

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